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Like everything else, perfecting your basketball shooting requires hard work. It’s not easy being a consistent knockdown shooter, and neither does it happen overnight. You must be willing to invest many hours and energy into improving your shooting percentage on the court. Then again, the work doesn’t end there. After you get your shot to a higher level, you must now strive to keep it there.

The good news? Improving your basketball shooting percentage isn’t as hard as you may think. The tips below should help get you on track and keep you up to speed. Keep reading.

  1.  Locate Your Target Early

Locating your shooting percentage relies heavily on how quickly you can find the target. It takes just a split second for your brain to calculate the distance between yourself and the rim subconsciously. You must also focus on the objective and get your eyes on the rim as quick as possible. The best way of making this trick work is to develop the habit in practice.

  1.  Have Good Balance

You must also note that learning to shoot a basketball doesn’t mostly deal with your shooting form. There are other critical factors to consider. For one, completing a perfect shot starts with the base. Failing to get the correct base of your shot doesn’t guarantee that you will get the perfect shot. It also doesn’t guarantee that you will be a consistent shooter.

  1.  Hold Your Follow-Through

This can help with your shooting percentage significantly if you get it right. Holding your follow-through reminds you of your proper shooting form. Generally, the ball always goes in the direction that your hand sends it. You must, therefore, analyze your follow-through and focus on the direction of your release. It acts as the perfect troubleshooting tool for diagnosing your shooting flaws and work out how best to perfect them.

  1.  Analyze Your Grip

When shooting the ball, your shooting hand should always be behind the ball, with the guiding hand on the side of the ball. Your fingers must also be spread comfortably wide on the ball to ensure better control. You should quickly adjust your hands on the right positions of the ball for better control and good backspin.

  1.   Have Confidence

Perhaps the best shooting tip that you can ever use is believing in yourself. You must have confidence and believe in your ability to complete a shot each time. Confident shooters always have control over their thoughts and know that their shots always count. As a player, you must believe that every shot you make will go in. Remember, shooting involves the feeling, belief, and thoughts that every shot you make counts. And the best way to develop true confidence in your shots is through practice.

  1.  Practice Before the Game

Before you get into any game or practice, face the basket and make at least 50 easy shots a few feet from the basket. This not only improves your shooting form, but it also develops phenomenal confidence. With time, you quickly become good at grooving your shots over and over.

  1.  Balance Hand

Do not use your balance hand to add force on the shot or spin it. Consequently, your non-shooting hand also needs to be on the side of the basketball. You also shouldn’t move your non-shooting hand on delivery, and it must always come off the ball first when shooting. Let the balance hand guide the ball towards the rim.

  1.  Shot Pocket

Train yourself to quickly move the ball into the shot pocket every time you catch it. Line everything up so that your ball and shooting eye is in a straight line to the rim. It is also critical that you position the basketball several inches above your waistline. Grip it properly before making a shot. This will significantly improve your shooting percentage.

  1.  Flex Your Knees on Every Shot

Do not think of shooting every time that you are playing the game. Players that shoot the ball only comfortable with the game always stand a higher chance of completing their shots. Your comfort with each shot counts tremendously towards getting the ball in the basket.

  1.  Spread Your Fingers

Finally, remember to spread your fingers always in a comfortable, wide position on the basketball before making a shot. The more spread your fingers are on the ball, the more control you have over it and where it goes.

Several factors determine how best to make an excellent basketball shot. For most people, however, the ones that count most are probably practice and confidence. These two factors are paramount to improving your shooting success rates. With time, you will become the pro shooter that you know you are.

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