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Basketball requires a special basketball shoe designed with specific features to facilitate smooth movement while at the court. The shoes are designed with either leather or rubber soles or weigh more as compared to other shoes to boost the player’s stability. LeBron and Kyrie basketball shoes are designed with different features to serve you right during the game. Here is a review of these shoes.

  1.  LeBron basketball shoe features

LeBron shoes are designed by experts to meet the player’s needs and expectations. They are comfortable, and besides boosting your stability, they give you a classic look. They have a dual-zone composite on the upper part. The composite is close to the foot; therefore, it keeps it sleek. The middle part of the shoe has a foot strap to keep the foot locked down. While at the court wearing LeBron shoes, they will remain in position even while running backward and forward.

The upper material of the shoe provides strategic stretching; therefore, your foot can move freely, and there is less pressure applied. They are in different colors to dazzle you and meet your taste. The stretch mesh enhances breathability for your feet. LeBron shoes are in different shapes and designs to meet a wide range of tastes and preferences. The sole is a bit raised to the ground. You will be safe wearing these shoes; they do not limit movement while playing.

•    Have four straps fitted with a hook as well as a loop to ensure the shoe fits
•    Prevents injuries during the game since they are made with zoom air technology.
•    Fit perfectly and ensures you feel comfortable, and you have a soft landing during the game.
•    They ignite your confidence since they have a stylish look at the court.
•    They are durable and available at relatively affordable prices.

•    After washing for a long time, the color tends to fade.

  1.  Kyrie basketball shoe features

Kyrie basketball shoes are designed with strap on to support your feet and protect your ankles from being hit during the game. They have tiny holes on the upper part to enhance breathability, and your feet won’t stink at all.
They have excellent traction while in the field; you do not have to worry about slipping or sliding. They are durable and have good sole about the ground for your safety.


  •  They are durable
  •   Have a strap on to support your feet and ensure you are comfortable.
    •    They have holes to enhance breathability
    •    The sole offers traction to boost balance and avoid any accidents while at the court.


  •  Kyrie shoes weigh much more than other shoes making you tired
    •    May slow your movement during the game as they are heavier
    •    When worn for many hours, there is not much cushion to protect your feet from hurting.
  1.  Which shoes are better for you? 

Both Kyrie and LeBron basketball shoes are designed to meet the player’s needs and expectations. You will boost your confidence while wearing them at the court. They give you a stylish look and are designed in different models and colors to meet your preferences.

However, Kyrie is much heavier as compared to LeBron’s basketball shoes. On the other hand, Kylie offers breathability and traction making sure your legs are a fresh and better movement.


Buying these shoes will boost your basketball skills since they facilitate backward and forward movements. These shoes are fitted with many features that guarantee them to be among the most popular basketball shoes.

Check out some of their shoes here!

Kyrie 6 By You

LeBron Soldier 13 FlyEase


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