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Athletic footwear is designed to match their specific games. They provide proper comfort and enhances the participant’s skills in a particular game. Buy sports shoes made for the particular sport to support you during practice and the actual event.

The proper athletic footwear helps in preventing various injuries related to the game. You will also do well since they help in boosting stability and providing comfort. Below are multiple reasons to consider when buying sports shoes.

  1.  Design 

They are designed to keep you cushioned and stable for long hours. The used bottom sole is well prepared to reduce the chances of slipping and prevent injury. They are tall to protect your ankle from being injured during the game.

Basketball shoes have a well-patterned sole to boost your stability as well as conducive shock absorption while running forward and backward. They are helpful in multilateral movements.

In contrast, running shoes are designed entirely different from basketball. When using running shoes for the basket, all they will not be convenient since they are designed for cutting movements and not for lateral motions. They are light and short useful for runners.

  1.  Materials 

Basketball shoes are made from flexible materials that vary in sizes and shapes. It’s easy to get the right size that’s not too large or too small for your feet. They are comfortable and reputed with durability since they are made with high-quality rubber and leather. Moreover, the shoes are designed with high standard upper materials to increase breathability. You will feel refreshed throughout the round.

On the other hand, running shoes are made with hard rubber, which prevents sharp materials from penetrating. Upperparts are made from breathable mesh fabric usually nylon or polyester. You will run without worrying about your feet’ safety. They are also designed to keep you cushioned during long runs it repetitive strides.

  1.  Built to reduce friction during movement

Basketball shoes are designed to meet the requirements of many players in different court positions. They help you move forward and backward without sliding. Basketball shoes will give you long term service as they withstand the friction during games. Basketball involves moving in various directions every two seconds. In one game, you will run more than 105 short prints, therefore, inserts a lot of friction on the shoes. The midsole for basketball shoes is well cushioned, increasing the shock-absorbing ability. You are protected from any injuries during intense games.

In contrast, road and trail running sneakers are comfortable and light to help you focus on forwarding motions. Running in basketball shoes is much more challenging since it increases fatigue. The basketball shoes are bulkier and harder; therefore, wearing them for long-distance running is a bad idea. If you also wear running shoes for basketball playing, you increase the risk of being injured while in court.

  1.  Traction and stability

Basketball shoes are made with high-quality rubber offering high traction force and stability since they have excellent grip patterns. Using running shoes for basketball will result in a lot of ankle and other sport-related injuries, which are avoidable by using the right foot ware.
They are designed to meet the needs of multiple players despite them playing in different positions. There is an all-round type of player that requires traction force and unique cushioning. Aggressive playing style players need shoes with more traction and cushioning. Check the sole and outer materials while purchasing basketball shoes to ensure it’s the best quality.

On the contrary, running shoes have sturdy soles designed to add traction and prevent you from slipping and encountering their accidents while running on muddy or wet trails. They are lighter than basketball shoes, therefore, helps you run effectively.

Running shoes have Lower traction, which can increase the chances of slipping while moving in lateral motions. The soles are also designed for forwarding movements, therefore, lower your stability. Running shoes are not able to withstand the basketball game intensity; consequently, it’s easy to injure your ankle or slip.

  1.  Comfort and safety

Running shoes are designed to increase stability and comfort while running. They are also necessary for boosting your safety.

Using basketball shoes for running will result from alighting or tiredness. The shoes are overweight and bulk to boost players’ stability but not effective for runners. Running shoes are smaller and lighter, ensuring that the runner can run for long distances without feeling pressure exerted by the foot ware.


Playing basketball and running are two different events; therefore, athletic footwear is designed differently. Runners need lightweight shoes to enhance their speed and ensure they have enough comfort.

Basketball shoes, on the other hand, are designed with stiff leather and high-quality rubber that makes them bulky, thus promoting stability and ensuring the player can move in different styles while dribbling the ball.


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