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Every basketball player is different in their foot and the way they play the game. This makes finding the perfect basketball shoe difficult since certain types of players need certain shoe characteristics. With research and development on consumer products becoming more intense, it is difficult to determine what works and what doesn’t. The following list of the ten best basketball shoes to buy in 2020 is what works.

One: Air Jordan XXXII by Nike

As one of the top overall performance basketball shoes on the market, the Air Jordan XXXII by Nike is pure craftsmanship due to the high-quality materials, unrivaled support and balance, and beautiful aesthetics. The traction is top-notch, the cushioning is comfortable, and the fly-knit body delivers incredible stability. Best of all, the shoe molds to your foot once broken in.

Two: Curry 2 by Under Armour

The Curry 2 by Under Armour is the Holy Grail of basketball shoes for point guards due to the excellent balance and support. The shoe boasts Under Armour’s patented “Charged” cushion technology in the sole to help you blast off jump shots with exceptional impact protection. Also, the entire shoe is extremely light, so you feel like nothing is on your foot.

Three: Harden Vol. 2 by Adidas

Shooting Guards will benefit from the Harden Volume 2 basketball shoes by Adidas. As the follow-up to James Harden’s first model, volume 2 boasts fantastic cushioning that is forgiving on the legs and feet, even when playing for an entire afternoon. The shoe is lightweight and breathable while still offering a terrific balance!

Four: LeBron XII by Nike 

The Nike design team wanted to create a shoe geared toward Power Forwards: durable enough to add power to the player and withstand damage from the opponent. With most Power Forwards fighting for rebounds, the LeBron XII’s are a tough one-piece boot that secures snugly to your feet. The world-class cushioning is forgiving on the knees and offers excellent support across both ankles.

Five: Dame 5 by Adidas

When playing on an outdoor court, you require denser and tougher soles. Adidas created the Dame 5 shoe which was developed for outdoor courts. The support and foot lock-down are top-of-the-line in this category and, despite being a low-top design, the shoe delivers ideal ankle support. Guards can fly full speed down the court due to the lightweight material while still maintaining terrific traction.

Six: D Lillard 2 by Adidas

The cushioning system and balance from this sole make the D Lillard 2 by Adidas a deadly weapon on the court. However, the real highlight of this shoe is the ankle and full foot support, despite being lower cut. You will benefit from the range of ankle movements offered by a low-top while still feeling the security or a high-top shoe.

Seven: Crazy Explosive by Adidas

Basketball shoe culture has morphed into big colors, textiles, and patterns that turn heads. Sometimes, the basic looking shoe can outperform them all. Adidas developed the Crazy Explosive which is a quiet game ready shoe that is affordable while still delivering an amazing sole that is ventilated and offers excellent ankle support.

Eight: Kyrie 5 Nylon by Nike

With the Kyrie shoe being one of the top-selling basketball shoes in the past several years, the name is synonymous with quality and performance. While the previous models suffered from decent cushioning, the Kyrie 5 has addressed this issue by providing improved cushioning. This shoe also offers incredible ankle support due to the supportive collar at the back of the shoe.

Nine: Jordan Jumpman 2020 by Nike 

The simple look mixed with modern features, the Jordan Jumpman 2020s by Nike boasts the traditional herringbone tread, which is considered one of the best designs for indoor performance. The height of the Jumpman 2020 is significant due to the outsole design features. The extra height improves ankle support during play. The clear gel section on the bottom of the shoe toward the front of the foot is stickier which improves traction.

Ten: Zoom KD 12 by Nike

Named after Kevin Durant, who has had a colorful and well-documented career, the Zoom KD 12 by Nike boasts one of the best gripping soles on this list. The Zoom Air cushions are integrated into the shoe directly beneath your entire foot and are touted as the best cushion type available. The landmark feature on the Zoom KD is the quad-axial flywire which is additional mesh material under the primary mesh exterior to create a nice snug fit with support.

If you are in the market for a big game shoe, determine what type of player you are and what characteristics you need. There are many ways to play ball so find the shoe that aligns with your game.

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