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 In Practice Pointers

What lengths will you go to become a better basketball player? Are you up for putting long hours in the gym, watch your favorite players’ move, even learn your opponent teams’ gameplay? There is a deep dedication that you must put into your game to take it to the next level. However, even this dedication is not achievable without the proper equipment. A specific basketball shoe design can say a lot about your game. Therefore, if something as simple as the right basketball shoe design can up your game in the court, why not give it a shot? Here are the top benefits of having good basketball shoe designs for your games.

  1.  Flexibility

The quicker you get to the hoop when shooting, the better for both you and your team. Having excellent flexibility on your soles is one sure way of ensuring that you have a share in the quickness with which you get to the hoop. Sneakers with excellent flexibility enable you to get off the floor a little quicker and even move side-to-side a lot faster. This gives you an edge over your competition.

  1.  Ankle Support

Good basketball shoe designs can be the difference between having a successful game and a broken ankle. A broken ankle can be the end to a potentially good season or worse, your basketball career. Basketball shoe designers put considerable effort into ensuring that whoever wears the shoe receives proper ankle support while in the court. Stabilization is critical to ensuring strong, padded ankles. You must also ensure that the shoe design that you choose has stable soles that provide even more support.

  1.  Cushioning

Perhaps the most critical aspect of playing in your element is to ensure your comfort. Thus, the need to have the right amount of cushioning. It is essential that the cushioning is just perfect as too little cushioning may lead to fallen arches or sore heels from pounding on the floor. Excessive cushioning can also trick your feet into comfort, which may lead to strains and stress fractures. You cannot stress the need for the perfect cushioning in your shoes enough. You can make much better jumps, stops, and cuts more comfortably with the ideal cushioning.

  1.  Traction

Playing basketball is all about making quick slashes to the hole, pivoting on the dime, and locking down your defense. All of these feats require excellent traction to pull off successfully. Consequently, you want to bear in mind not to go for too much traction. Jamming your toes into your sneakers can be the onset of another problem altogether. The perfect traction, however, enables you to do wondrous things and pull off skills in the court that you never knew you could. Almost all other features of your sneakers are nullified if you don’t have the perfect traction in them. You must be able to make quick stops to play adequately.

  1.  Lacing

Believe it or not, the lacing design of your basketball shoes could also mean the difference between a successful game and a flop. It’s almost impossible finding a basketball player with improperly laced shoes. Some shoes don’t even have lacing at all. Untied shoes negate all other features in your sneakers simply because you won’t be utilizing the shoes fully. What’s more, you are likely to suffer heel slippage, twisted ankles, or some other accident that wouldn’t work in you or your team’s favor. You can also try unexposed laces while playing, provided they are correctly tied.

  1.  Lightweight

A perfect basketball shoe design is also always very lightweight. Your mobility throughout the court depends significantly on the weight of your shoes. Many basketball shoe designers have manufactured a few models that are feather-light but still able to provide you with all the support that you need. You may think that having light shoes isn’t a factor, especially if you are a power forward or built, but it should. Otherwise, you will end up burning much more energy to get off your feet throughout the game.

  1.  Great Looks

Generally, good-looking basketball shoes give you more confidence when stepping into the court. Wearing shoes that don’t look so appealing to you can psychologically make you nervous and more anxious throughout the game. If anything, you will not get or give your very best into the game either. Step into the court with kicks that intimidate your opponents, and you know you are good to go.

Bottom Line

Good basketball shoes with the perfect design that compliment you in every way make you more confident about the game. That’s all the reason you need to ensure that you have nothing but the best kicks on your feet before you step into the court. Above all else, enjoy the game.



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