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When it comes to basketball, it is all about the kicks. Pick the right pair of sneakers and you really will be able to drive the lane with confidence, jump to your peak potential and turn on a dime without worrying about twisting an ankle. The subtleties of basketball shoes make a world of a difference. This is precisely why the game’s biggest NBA players have multi-million dollar shoe deals. Let’s take a quick look at a couple of the kicks the game’s top stars wear during on-court action and why the nuances of those shoes are so important.

Michael Jordan

When it comes to basketball sneakers, Jordans are still the cream of the crop. MJ’s kicks have been popular since the early 90s. Today’s Jordan retro kicks are available in myriad styles and variations. However, there is a common theme among these retro kicks: they strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, comfort and performance. The latest edition of Jordans to hit the market is the Air Jordan 34, sometimes referred to as the Jordan XXXIV. These kicks are lightweight, helping NBA players jump and traverse the court with as minimal effort as possible.

Strap on a pair of the new Jordans and you will immediately notice their responsiveness. Designed with superior aerodynamics, these kicks minimize resistance to maximize speed, jump height and agility. Featuring herringbone traction for optimal on-court footwork and stability, the latest Jordans are exactly what you need to take your game to the next level.

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, also known as the unibrow for obvious reasons, has paired up with LeBron James in Los Angeles to bring a championship to the City of Angels. Time will tell if “AD”, as he is often referred to, ends up sipping champagne in La-La land.  However, one thing is for certain: Davis has some of the sweetest kicks in the game. The 6′ 10″, 354-pound center credits part of his professional success to his Nike sneakers.

AD rocks the insanely popular Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protros. Davis has also worn other Nike kicks in prior seasons including the Kobe AD Exodus kicks and the Air Max Dominate sneakers. It looks like AD will continue to wear the Nike Zoom Kobe 4 Protros during his stint in LA. These stylish sneakers have the perfect blend of function and form. Officially released during All-star Weekend in 2019, these Nike kicks are the second sneaker in the Kobe line to return to stores under the Protro name.

The latest version of AD’s Nike sneakers is highlighted by a wide range of performance features that help AD dominate in the paint, glide across the court with grace and rock the rim with authority. In particular, the sneakers’ sleek heel shape, improved vamp shape and expanded outsole traction are particularly helpful for ballers looking to reach their true on-court potential. AD’s kicks also feature a full-length Zoom Air unit to boot.

LeBron James

LeBron James. The name says it all, doesn’t it? The self-dubbed “kid from Akron”, beat the odds to win multiple championships in Miami and Cleveland. LeBron is averaging 38.5 minutes per game, an astonishing 27.1 points per game, a 50.4 field goal percentage, 7.4 rebounds per game, 7.3 assists per game and nearly two steals per game. These are quite the eye-popping numbers considering the fact that LeBron rarely misses on-court action.

Perhaps out of the best NBA players to ever play the game, LeBron owes some of his success to the quality of his kicks. Sneaker critics insist LeBron’s shoes are second to none but for those worn by His Airness, the one and only Michael Jordan. LeBron’s shoe deal with Nike is rumored to be valued in excess of a billion dollars for good reason: LeBron’s physical style of play is dependent on reliable shoes that can take a pounding.

All in all, LeBron has more than 17 sneakers. Aside from the superstar’s signature shoe, LeBron also lets Nike use his name for the company’s Zoom Soldier line. However, the latest Nike LeBron is by far one of the most popular sneakers ever to hit store shelves. These stylish kicks are much more than eye candy; These kicks are constructed with performance in mind. Try on a pair of Nike LeBrons and you will find it provides superior traction, lockdown and just the right level of cushioning. This is precisely why LeBron’s kicks have stellar reviews. The forefoot of the shoes features Zoom Air pods. The upper portion of the sneakers are made with the brand new Knitposite that provides superior breathability and reliable structure, especially for uber-muscular ballers who carry around 200+ pounds.


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